Google Plus Essentials Course

Author: Deltina Hay

Create a Google Plus Profile and Business Page while learning to leverage Google Plus for improved search results.

Google Plus is not just another social networking site. It is a necessary part of any good search optimization strategy.

Though Google Plus is growing as a social and professional networking site, its importance lies in how it is integrated with Google search.

Linking your Google Plus Profile to the blog posts and articles you post online can help them look better in search results and get them seen by more people. And building a healthy Google Plus presence will position you better as a thought leader.

This condensed and comprehensive course will get you up and running using Google Plus to its full potential in no time.

Business owners, entrepreneurs, marketers, social media strategists, web developers, SEOs, and students will all benefit from taking this course.

Follow author, developer, and new media expert, Deltina Hay, as she walks you through the process of setting up and developing your Google Plus Profile and Business Page in her typical no-nonsense teaching style.

Deltina first provides an overview of Google Plus features and settings, and walks you through how to create a customized and optimized Google Plus Profile.

Then, using a real-world example, Deltina shows you hands-on how to create an optimized Google Plus Business Page from scratch.

Deltina demonstrates how to claim Google Authorship of all your online content by linking it to your Google Plus profile. As well as how to link your website to your Google Plus Business Page.

And, finally, she shows you how to integrate your Google Plus presence with your website and with

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Google Plus Essentials Course

Introduction to the Google Plus Course

This video introduces Google Plus and presents the topics covered in the course.

Introduction to Google Plus

In this lesson, we have an introduction to Google Plus profiles and an overview of Google Plus' main features.

Google Plus and Google Services

In this lesson, we explore Google Plus' relationship to Google's other services like YouTube and Google search.

Google Plus Exam 1

Exam one for the Google Plus Essentials course.

Creating a Google Plus Profile

In this lesson we walk through setting up a Google Plus account and creating and optimized and customized Google Plus profile.

Google Plus Profile Links

In this lesson, we discuss the importance of connecting certain accounts and setting up contributor links that will improve your Google Search results.

Google Plus Exam 2

Exam two for the Google Plus Essentials course.

Google Plus Features

In this lesson, we look closer at the features of Google Plus and discuss timeline updates and Google Plus circles.

Google Plus Settings

In this lesson, we explore Google Plus settings and additional features.

Google Plus Exam 3

Exam three for the Google Plus Essentials course.

Google Plus Business Pages

In this lesson, we demonstrate how to set up and optimize a Google Plus Business Page and explore Google Plus page features.

Google Authorship

Google Authorship connects your Google Plus profile with all the places you publish online so they show up better in search results. This lesson also demonstrates how to connect your Google Plus Page with your website.

Google Plus Exam 4

Exam four for the Google Plus Essentials course.

Google Integration

In this lesson we demonstrate Google widgets and plugins that integrate with websites, and how to connect Google Plus with

Google Plus Best Practices, Privacy, and Mobile

In this lesson, we review the Google Plus terms of use, discuss privacy issues, and have an overview of the Google Plus mobile app.

Google Plus Exam 5

Exam five for the Google Plus Essentials course.

Creating G+ Custom Headers

As discussed in a previous lesson, the Google Plus header is the same as YouTube channel headers. This lesson, taken from Deltina's YouTube course, demonstrates how to create a custom header for your Google Plus profile or page.

Google Plus Conclusion: Some Additional Resources

In this concluding video, we look at some recommended resources to help you keep up-to-date with Google Plus, and contact information for the author.


Google Plus Profile Worksheet   (49.23 KB)
Google Plus profile worksheet.
Google Plus Page Worksheet   (49.18 KB)
Google Plus Page Worksheet
Google Plus Resources   (47.55 KB)
Google Plus Resources

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