Social Media Analytics Essentials

Author: Deltina Hay

Create a realistic social media analytics plan based on your goals while learning essential social media analytics tools to monitor success.

Social media can be a real time suck – time you can't afford to lose if your efforts aren't paying off.

Social Media Analytics Essentials can get your social media efforts on track by helping you create a realistic social media analytics plan based on your goals and resources.

The course begins by outlining a general social media analytics strategy that can help you identify your overall goals, establish measurable baselines, and find the right analytics tools for your needs.

Once your goals and baselines are established, learn how different social media analytics tools can help you troubleshoot and realign your efforts to meet your goals.

Social Media Analytics Essentials explores both internal and external social media analytics tools. Internal – or built-in – analytics tools like Facebook Insights, WordPress Stats, and YouTube analytics can help you see which of your tactics are yielding the best results within a specific tool.

And external analytics tools like Social Mention, Klout, HootSuite, and Google Analytics can give you even further insight.

The course includes a worksheet to help you map your own social media analytics plan.

This may be a short course, but it is packed with valuable information to help you stop the time suck and get your social media strategy on track and yielding results.

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Social Media Analytics Essentials

Introduction to Social Media Analytics

This lesson gives a brief introduction to the course.

Creating a Social Media Analytics Plan

In this lesson, we outline a social media analytics strategy based on specific goals, baselines, and key performance indicators.

Internal Analytics Tools

In this lesson, we discuss built-in social media tools including Facebook Insights, WordPress Stats, and YouTube analytics, and how to leverage these tools to reach your goals.

External Analytics Tools

In this lesson, we explore a number of tools that can help you further analyze your social media tactics – including HootSuite and Google Analytics.


Social Media Analytics Plan Worksheet   (62.55 KB)
Use to plan your social media analytics strategy.

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